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"Alone, All Alone" Big News! My first pro video release... and EPIC project!  

A couple of years ago I read some of Maya Angelou's poems that not only moved me, but were heard with unforgettable melodies. I studied more about this amazing unstoppable force... this woman who was an artist and humanitarian, an amazing artist and woman of color still living in an extremely biased world... yet unafraid to show up and breathe words of kindness, equality, and unity into a resistant world. I felt so connected to her writing and ideas, especially her authentic bravery.  She is one of my biggest artist / writer idols.  

I knew I had to get her beautiful words out to the world in this music I heard... a way for her words to reach this generation through music and video. I began a project and a plan to release three of these poems into music.  I began song development, but also wanted to reach her Legacy to license her words to my music and release it properly... giving her full credit and earnings for her contribution. It started with a licensed performance of "Alone, All Alone" for my musical "Songs from my Closet" performed by the amazing Sarah Pansing, who has been there since the beginning.

Now, after a two year journey, the first release "Alone, All Alone" is ready for release. And thanks to the hard work and skills of Kate Black films; there is a beautiful video portraying 2/3 of the song. The crazy thing is - a year and a half ago I imagined how this video and song would relate so much to today's "social isolation" because of all our gadgets and i-phones etc.  But when all the licensing was paid and the permissions were all in place, we were ACTUALLY IN an involuntary Social Isolation (and the licensing went through on Maya's 91st birthday).  I think she planned this all :-).  

Many more songs will be rolling out - send an email and I'll share more stories behind the songs plus  never miss an event or a release. Also on this site you can pre-purchasing the EP "New Spring" that contains this song and two other originals which helps pays back their production and helps fund the next two poem songs! 

Be a Backer for the "I See You" Album with my 2020 EP:

A New kind of Spring (EP 2020)

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A New kind of Spring (EP 2020)

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My first little EP is done! Purchase a presale of beautiful music not available anywhere else and help me finish production of my "I See You" album!

For $5+ (name your exchange) you will receive a download featuring 4 original songs that speak to our moment of pause and presence with original music by Colleen Porter.

You'll be getting the download by the end of February when codes and copyrights are all clear. (Those that have already ordered as well! Thanks for your patience!)

All of these themes relate to some of our experiences / unfoldings in 2020 - and two were actually written and inspired during the onset of the pandemic.

SONGS: - Alone, All Alone - Be in this Moment with Me - A New Kind of Spring - Lights All Over the World BONUS: I Can Take a Shower Today

This EP is done! Just getting the proper codes and licensing ready...

Expected release: February 28, 2021

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"I SEE YOU 2020" album samples - be a backer!

Thanks for taking the time to visit my site!

Thanks for taking the time to visit my site!

If I could breathe more Beauty, more Joy, more Compassion and Love into the World through music & words... that would be a life well-spent.”

— Colleen Porter


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